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Legal Info

Legal Info

General selling conditions : The Diplomacy Lounge ® Events

The Champagne Show from Friday, March 8, 2019 Zürich, Switzerland

Valid from 01.08.2015, Zürich Switzerland

1.Ordering Tickets from us, you accept our general conditions.The sale of Tickets for:

The Diplomacy Lounge ® Events (on Friday, March 8, 2019) is done via Internet by: ( tickets ) and by invitation only.

The organizer serves the right, to decline a Ticket order from guests, which have not been invited, without notice for any reason. Rejected Customers will receive a notification.

The ticket once purchased is non-refundable.

The DRESS CODE is to be Classy Elegant for men and Sexy Elegant for women.

2.Orders of Entrance Tickets to the The Diplomacy Lounge ® Events – The Champagne Show on Saturday, November 24, 2018 through www.diplomacylounge.events or www.diplomacylounge.club are binding for Customers.Upon receipt of a confirmation through The Diplomacy Lounge, the sale is concluded and the existing  *Terms and Conditions of The Diplomacy Lounge ® Events* are accepted in full.

3.The Customer agrees to deposit the demanded amount, CHF 198.00 number of Guest 1 under instructions / specifications of the Booking number, within 10 Weekdays or 8 Working days from the order date. In case of missing payment, it will be assumed that the customer makes use of his withdrawal right.These tickets will without question be brought back for resale.

4.The shipment of Entrance Tickets is made exclusively after payment of the invoice.

5.The cancellation of a Ticket order has to be made in written form through our contact form or by Email. A refund of purchased Tickets is not possible the Tickets ar nominal only.The organizer is pleased to assist in the distribution of tickets.

6. The purchase of tickets and the attendance at the event, for persons under 18 years, is not permitted.

7.The sale of Entrance tickets for The Diplomacy Lounge ® Events is limited. If you suspect improper /abusive / fraudulent purchases, the organizer reserves the right to cancel ticket orders.

8.For legal reasons, it is not permitted, to include the spirituous beverages in the ticket price. Such drinks will be provided at own expense.

9. Personal data is handled in accordance with the legislation for personal data protection, so that they are not going to be sold nor transmitted to a third part for advertising or for another use. In the event of an authorization application, theoretically, in case of a credit card payment, your banking details will be passed only in an encoded shape. Our customers can be informed about our news, promotions, activities through our electronic informational bulletins ( News Letters). This service provision is free and can be cancelled at any time. The Diplomacy Lounge ® Events does not exploit any spam with its addresses.

10.Internet Links & Privacy Policy
All Internet Links, created and cited in relation with our field www.diplomacylounge.events and www.diplomacylounge.club were controlled both in form and content. Despite the regular control of the connected networks, we do not guarantee their content. In case of abuse, please contact the webmaster or just contact us. We disclaim any responsibility for the accuracy and content of the Internet Links on our fields.The Diplomacy Lounge ® Events © all rights reserved 2018.

The Diplomacy Lounge ® Events takes the security and privacy of your personal information very seriously and will process any personal data obtained as a result of your use of our website in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation for the purposes for which the information was submitted. We will not transfer your name, address, email address or any other personal information to any third party without your permission, except for processing the data in accordance with the purpose for which it was submitted and/or as part of a restructuring or sale of The Diplomacy Lounge ® Events. However, where we are required by law or legal process to provide information about a customer we might have to divulge your personal information.We may share non-personal, non-individual statistics or demographic information in aggregate form with our marketing partners, advertisers or other third-parties for research purposes. In other words, we will not disclose to our marketing partners that you have purchased a specific product or that you are member of Privat Club. However, we may disclose to them how many customers have purchased a product or how many people are members of The Diplomacy Lounge ® Privat Club. (www.diplomacylounge.club).Through your use of this website, we may also gather certain information about your use of the website that does not identify you individually. Generally, this information is collected through “traffic data”. We collect and store such information automatically whenever you interact with this website. For example, we collect your IP address, the hostname of your computer, browser information and reference site domain name every time you visit this website. We also collect information regarding customer traffic patterns and site usage. This information does not, however, contain anything that can personally identify you; it is used to analyze and improve this website and to provide our customers with a fulfilling Internet experience.We never use or install spy ware on your computer, nor do we use spy ware to retrieve information from your computer. If you have any questions about this privacy statement, please contact us at:www.diplomacylounge.events/contact

11.The change of general conditions

The general conditions of use may be changed at any time, without noticing.

12. Legal Forum

The legal activity of The Diplomacy Lounge ® Events is wholly based on the law and rules of the Swiss law. The legal forum is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

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